Saturday, August 30, 2008

Putting the fun in funeral

Sorry, sorry.

As we know, death and ghosts are a big part of the culture here.  And funerals are a big deal that I don't fully understand.  They involve waiting for the next auspicious day after a person dies, filling up the front of your house with pictures of the deceased and chairs for people to sit in and stare at the pictures, hiring some chanters to drone for a long time, and provide meals and white towels for all the people who stop by to mourn.  (By mourning I mean, eat and wear a white towel.)

The front of your house, you say.  But what if your house is too small to accommodate all the people who will come for the free white towel?  What if you live in an apartment?

Well, then you put up a huge blue tent in the middle of the street.  funeralIf it's a main street, that's OK, just put it to the side so one car can possibly squeeze by.  If it's a side street then feel free to shut down the street.  Shut it down for a few days!  These things take a few days, you know.

No, they don't have funeral homes.  A home for funerals?  Why bother when there's all these streets available

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