Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cram School

So cram school is where they try to cram your head full of stuff.  They have it for adults and kids (but more for kids).  So you go to English cram school if you want to learn English (and I teach you!) You go to rollerblading cram school if you want to learn to rollerblade.  There's math cram school (where little kids learn to use an abascus but don't seem to learn much math, as I see when I give them a simple math problem); history and science cram school; flight attendant cram school... you get the idea.

So I'm teaching this conversation class at the kindy.   But I start teaching right after they've woken up from their naps so usually I do a little exercise so they don't just stare at my sleepily for the first half hour.  Sometimes I feel like I need to stretch myself so I lead them in some running stretches- yes, I'm shameless.  Today I threw on a put-your-foot on your knee-and-balance thing.

These 2 girls were balancing so well so I asked if they took dance classes.  "Yes, we go to dance school, and math school, and art school, and learn-to-play-Go school."


Yup- a Go bu-xi-ban.  Maybe I will open a Monopoly cram school....

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