Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sunset at Sun Moon Lake

Pretty, eh? This was on Saturday evening from the pier near our hotel. Our hotel was a unique place- had lots of crazy stuff- the guide book called them "objets d'art"; I could think of some more colorful descriptions- but it was the first place I could find that had a vacancy, and we got a lovely lake-view balcony (where I could eat my breakfast on race day). We had a little panic- while I was in the shower on Saturday after the race, the management told my friends we only had one night there and had to leave! I was certain I'd booked two nights, and we had a long discussion in Chinese about that fact. The upshot was that someone cancelled their reservation and they could give us the room for twice as much as we paid on Friday night. I was polite but firm and said there's just no way. Eventually they gave in. Whew!

We ate dinner there on Saturday night- it was cute, my friends both speak excellent Chinese and one can pretty much read menus but the lady said she could give us an English menu. It was pretty much, "3 nice dishes and soup." "4 nice dishes and soup." Janelle treated us to a bottle of wine and we had lots of laughs. I think we'd have had them without the wine.

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