Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rx for Health

pills As I mentioned, I got a cold on Sunday.  I rested that day and have been doing my regular routine but taking it easier.   Taking my American cold medicine.

My voice didn't hold up so well today.  Halfway through the first class I was coughing and starting to lose my voice.  It was no big deal but I did feel kinda miserable by the end of the second class, so I figured, go to the doctor!

I know- when I came, I would laugh at the Taiwanese for going to the doctor so much.  But now that I've found my good ENT clinic I go all the time.  I went a few times for allergy med (got Nasonex but no benadryl!) and once before my trip to Sun Moon Lake because my throat was kinda sore and I thought I might be getting sick.  Turned out I had a swollen saliva gland- I'm sure the doctor was like, wow, these Americans are really sensitive!

Today I was clear that I wasn't too sick anymore, just didn't want to lose my voice.  Here's what I got- some herb syrup, a little bottle of something to clear my nose, and 3 different pills- as you can tell, they're in individually dosed packets.  And as crazy as it is, a little part of me has started to think, "With all this medicine, I'll be sure to get better quickly!"  Just a small voice, but it's there...

But can I mention again how awesome Taiwan medicine is?  I still wouldn't want to get a serious disease here, but for a cold... I walked in at 8:30, waited 5 minutes (a dad with a crying little girl came in right after me and I tried to let them go first but my Chinese was inadequate), had my appointment and walked next door to pick up the meds.  Altogether $5 US.  Done by 8:45.  Like in the US, once I had 3 allergy appointment in 1 week (for testing), and at each one they checked my pulse, blood pressure, weight and height.  Here it's like, you have a cold?  Let me look in your nose and throat and listen to you breathe.  OK, bye-bye.

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