Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm an idgit

Yes, yes, just because it's a typhoon in Taiwan doesn't make it a Taiphoon. Seriously. Pitt is going to revoke my degree if they get ahold of this blog. But who has the energy to go back and fix all the taiphoons?

Also, FYI, one thing that made the picture-taking experience so cool was that the clouds were moving super fast. But you can't see that, can you?

Midnight and still no typhoon- in fact the wind kinda calmed down. I can't sleep 'cause I'm so excited because a typhoon day was called! No actually I'm bummed because it's less money and I like my Monday classes. Actually I can't sleep because I couldn't eat all day because it was so darn hot, and I was out in service in this town where the ONLY place that had AC was 7-11. And after my third time going in there I think it started to seem strange. Breakfast I choked down a tiny bowl of cereal and a homemade smoothie. Had a watermelon juice and like 1/3 of a serving of fried rice at lunch and felt like I was gonna die. I did manage some pasta salad for dinner but now it's cooled down and I'm starving.

Also- something that's never happened to me before- crazy swollen feet and legs, I guess because it's like 97 everyday instead of 92 and that is the difference between it's hot, but I can manage, and my brain dies and my extremities swell. Above the waist I'm normal. Below... no. Because my feet are now bigger my beloved birkenstocks gave me crazy pain and blisters (then I loosened the straps to develop new blisters). My running shoes gave me new leg pain. Today I just wore these ridiculous slipper things because that was all my feet weren't popping out of. but those are the breaks. Hopefully typhoon day will provide an opportunity for some good old-fashioned foot-propping.

I'll be sure to post some Typhoon Aftermath pictures. Once the aftermath sets in.

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