Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Lots of stores play popular radio hits (lots of hip-hop and stuff) but without the swear words blipped out. And it doesn't bother all the Chinese-speaking people.

I sound like an old person, but the rap music these kids listen to- it's all bleep this and bleep that!

One of the worst is that they set up this little kiosk at a stoplight I used to always pass near my apartment, I guess to get people to sign up for a membership card for this electronics store, and they blasted on a continuous loop this song that was popular maybe 5 yrs ago (Y'all gonna make me lose my mind... for my younger readers) and I'd heard it on the radio but they play the unedited version and man alive. I don't know how they played it on the radio without it being one long bleep. I started driving a different way and I realized it's just so I can avoid that stoplight.

Usually it's just one song that's bad but the other day I was in Working House, the little home stuff store, and this song came on that was kind of a dull electronica thing but man, I've never heard such vile lyrics. No swearing but just relentlessly obscene. I thought about leaving then but then the song ended- and then another one came on that was just as bad, and I realized it was a CD all by the same artist and I just had to leave the store. And I really wanted to buy new slippers, too!

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