Thursday, June 05, 2008

End of the mini-break

I took 3 days off from work- I have lots of posts in draft but I want to wait until I have pictures up. In short, I rode my bike almost 60km Tuesday to a hot springs place in the mountains, met Jasmine there and we stayed overnight. I rode home on Wed. My legs felt surprisingly OK, though I gimped my way down the stairs both days. Up stairs, no problem.

I went to a movie last night (my second one it Taiwan in a real theater!). Got up this morning and talked to my parents, then made my way to a pool about 20 min from my house that I haven't gone to before but it fit in with the Loop of Taichung I wanted to do. Turns out the girl at the desk spoke English, and they offer swimming lessons there! 10 in a month for $2000 NT, and that includes entry to the pool. (I hope. I asked about that a few times in both English and Chinese, but 1 ticket is 180 and 50 are 6000, so that seems so cheap). Either way it's just over $60 US for 10, 1-hour lessons. We'll see how it goes! The bummer is that it has to be the same time every day, and the only time I have free every day is early morning- so I will be kickin' it at 7 am. And that's when the lesson starts... I still have to drive there, change, get ready.

The rest of the day I just chilled... had MosBurger for lunch, then did some shopping, went to the art museum, then went to this foreign-friendly deli/ restaurant I never bothered to go to when I lived in Taichung. I had a turkey sandwich with avocado and swiss cheese on multi-grain bread- yum!

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