Monday, June 30, 2008

"beautiful, and intelligent, and thoughtful!"

Yes, that quote was applied to me! And at the end of my own mini-triathlon today. I swam then biked then ran- all in my race clothes, which you can wear on all 3 legs (good thing I read up on triathlons, because it turns out they don't give you a changing room to change from your swimsuit to your bike shorts... but they do make clothes you can wear in the water and on the bike and on the run). As you can imagine, these clothes are designed for speed and water repelling, not covering up your flab... so I'm not looking so great in them. But they're functional. And I did put on a pair of extra shorts on over the very, um, "sleek" shorts for when I ran, just to protect the eyes of all the other people on the bike path.

Anyways, all 3 legs went well (I swam terribly and could hardly breathe but I swam the full 750 m in like 24 minutes, and I get 30 on race day! so I can swim terribly on race day and still make it), the bike was fine as always (haven't fallen over again... yet) and the run was awesome. I was so happy that I could actually run fast. The secret? Watered-down flat Coke- for the caffeine and the sugar, ya know.

If you have seen me after exercise, you know that while other people get a post-exercise glow, I just turn reddish-purple. 18 minutes into my run I see these 2 young ladies on a 2-person bike, and their grandma on an electric bike, and it turns out their chain had dropped off. The one girl was half-covered in grease and they looked so distraught, so i said, "I can help you." I have lotsa experience putting chains back on... there is a learning curve in switching gears up a hill, OK? So I did in like 10 seconds. And you would've thought I'd just performed CPR and brought one of them back to life. And thus the above quote was applied to me.

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