Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the sublimated ego

So, for about a month, I've been sleeping horribly- like I get to sleep at 2 in the morning. Part of it I know comes from the fact that when I was sick I would take 2-3 hours naps every afternoon. For the past week or so I've tried to cut out the naps entirely but I'm a much more pleasant teacher if I nap for at least a half hour before class.

One of the unexpected positive side effects of this (I think- or is it only coincidence?) is that my Chinese has gotten a lot better- like I'm always saying things and I'm like, really? I know how to say that? Even my friends who only speak Chinese will look at me and say, How do you know how to say that?

My theory is that I'm so tired that all my energy is spent on not being really mean to people, so I don't have energy to censor my Chinese.

The downside is that I've started to confuse fairly common words (2 and 4, which there's no excuse for, and Bible study and exercise, which causes a lot of confusion...)

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