Saturday, April 12, 2008

Too cute

What is this girl doing with a monkey and a butter knife? Hint: it's a Bible story.

She is telling the story of Wise King Solomon- baby and sword, get it?

She had an English-reading story contest at school, and asked us to help her prepare a story. Jasmine is the CT so we wanted to give her a choice of a Bible story, and Jasmine picked this one and Nicole, the student, liked it. It has never been my favorite Bible story- part of me knows they never intended to cut the baby in half, but part of me is like, why would you cut the baby in half just because there's a crazy woman?- but Nicole did such a good job with it. Her pronunciation, everything, was great. Except her sole "gestures" were standing with the monkey and the butter knife behind her back until the climactic moment.

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