Friday, April 25, 2008

The things I put up with

So tonight I showed up at the meeting with post-haircut straight hair, and this is the gist of the conversation that two sisters had about me, while I stood there:

Your hair looks so nice!
Should you wear it like that all the time?
(At this point I tried to expound the impossibility of someone with naturally wavy hair always wearing their hair straight in Taiwan, but did not prevail.)
You look so young! Like a junior high student!
Yes, but it makes her face look a little fat, don't you think?
Ah, it's true. But is it better to look young, or a little fatter?
Well, you know, she's no longer young.
Really? I thought she was 20 or 21.
No, already 30! Not young at all! So it's not important that she look more young. (the implication being, I think, that I look younger than I am even with wavy hair) But, since she is a little fat, it's good that she has wavy hair.
(Turning to me): Yes, the straight hair looks nice, but it's better that you wear it wavy.
Me: OK.

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