Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tea Stand

My mom keeps asking me if I've found a new tea stand- I have become a regular at the slightly more expensive place a block away from Hess. Green tea is $20 instead of $15 at the old place, but milk tea is $30 (a US dollar at today's exchange rate!) as opposed to $20. But the extra walk means that I only buy tea once a day instead of twice so I guess I save money in the long run.

The one funny thing is that there's one guy there who has waited on me twice, and tries to speak English. I order in Chinese and then he asks me about sugar (which I'd already asked for half) and ice (just normal, thanks) in English, but then can't understand my replies, and gets all flustered even when I repeat the Chinese and messes up my order. One time it was no big deal- I'd asked for no ice, he gave me ice- but the other time he gave me red tea instead of green tea and I had to call him on it. The girl who usually waits on me came over and scolded him: "She speaks Chinese! You listen to her!" Poor guy.

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