Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Refined Palate

There's a big Carrefour about 20 minutes from my apartment. Among the things I stock up on when I'm there:

Bean & Cheese Burritos (which they didn't have when I went there tonight! When I tried to ask about them- using works like Mexican and, um, cheese, and describing the large "O" (for Organic) that adorned their package, the lady took me a package that said Cuttlefish Dumplings. No, no, no!)

Mac & Cheese (also make by the famous O company)- I honestly don't think I'd ever eaten Mac & Cheese from a box before I came here. Maybe once when I was 4 and I decided I didn't like it. But now- it's so delicious! My mouth waters as the white powder mixes with the butter (real butter I buy especially for this purpose) and magically turns orange...

Chips Ahoy! Another thing I ate maybe once a year in the US. Mmmm, cookies that have chocolate chips, and no dried pork!

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