Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back to Bloggin'

All right! I am in my new apartment- very nice, by the way! It is "Japanese-style", which I have discovered is the code word in Taiwan for anything that's nice. Have nice clothes? They're Japanese-style! The noodle shop you ate at was clean? It was Japanese-style! (It sounds insulting, but I promise I didn't invent it! Taiwan did!)

And after 3 weeks I have internet! It is a long story but finally a man came today to run the wires in, and though I had Jasmine here to translate he could speak some English. Which led to the embarassing culmination of the internet installation.... so a long time ago, I somehow lost the desktop shortcut to Internet Explorer on my computer. And creating a new desktop shortcut is at the high-end of my computer expertise. So after several failed attempts at creating said shortcut, in which I named it things like "e", I typed in "You can do it!" for the name, in the hopes of inspiring myself to persevere in desktop-shortcut-creations. Which of course worked, and why would I go to the trouble of changing it? So under the little "e" icon it says "You can do it!"

Ah, so today, the internet installer guy turns on my computer and right away says "You can do it!" in his funny accent. And when I tried to change the language from English to Chinese so he could read it, he said "You can do it!" And then when I asked if I to do anything special to connect to the internet, and he said no, just click this- "You can do it!" Ha ha ha.

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