Thursday, November 29, 2007

Movin' house

I moved most of my stuff to Jasmine's house on Tuesday, with a lot of help. It took a lot of time and effort. I thought it was crazy when I moved into my house in Pittsburgh and had so much stuff, because I had lived in a 1-room apartment only a few years before that. And now, I stepped off the plane with 2 (enormous) suitcases a year ago, and leave this apartment with a small truck and 2 cars full of stuff. A lot of it was a bed and kitchen stuff though.

There were 4 people plus me- Jasmine and Tom, and a brother and sister from DongShi Cong who speak less English than I speak Chinese. It all worked out but moving is always a little hard. Of course the day we had to move was the day of the last typhoon of the season and I kept running into weird cultural things- like I had to buy something to cover up the mattress on the bed, and I'd have been happy to buy a $400 tarp, but the Chinese people all thought that was just way too expensive, so we went to the store and bought plastic bags and tape to make a homemade tarp. And of course we didn't buy enough so I went back by myself, and in my desire to not walk to the "DIY" shop in the wind and rain again, bought way too much which resulted in a 10-minute discussion of how I could go about getting my $200 NT back. And I'm like, I would give all of you $200 NT each if we could just stop talking about this! But so it goes. The funny thing was, by the time we got everything wrapped up, the typhoon had passed by. But it was nice to have so many helpful and patient people. Really I am always amazed at the patience of everyone in that congregation.

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