Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chinese Wedding

Here are some pictures from the wedding I went to in, um, January. It was the brother of my language exchange person back in Pittsburgh.
It was at a really nice hotel in Taichung. The actually ceremony took place before the reception (which is what I went to), but they showed a video that showed their lives and part of the ceremony.
I was a little nervous because I'd heard about this "gan bei" thing, where they toast the bride and groom and do a shot. And it was 10:30 in the morning when it started! And there was a bottle of whiskey on the table. But a waiter came by and asked if we wanted it and the other people at the table were like, no, so that was no problem.

They would bring out a big plate of food and everyone would take some- most of it was really delicious. There were about 10 courses. I even ate sharks fin soup. Every now and then the bride would change her dress- she had a western-style white wedding dress, and a Chinese dress and what looked like a bridesmaid dress.

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