Saturday, September 08, 2007

Performance Day

Here is a video from one of my performance days that can maybe be used to blackmail me when I get back to the US. That's me as the Troll with the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. These guys are one of my favorite classes. They have been learning English for about a year and a half- the class is mostly boys but they are not as crazy as my other mostly-boy classes. These three boys I did the play with are the smartest kids in the class. The little billy goat is named Jay- there were two Jays in the class, so for a while he was just Jay and the other one was Jay Wang, and then this Jay become Cool Jay. Then we got a new Chinese teacher and she put a stop to those Cool Jay shenanigans, so now he is, of all things, Jay Lo. The middle billy goat is the best kid- his name is Ian and he's one of these kids who will just be successful at everything he does. He's so smart but also very friendly and charming. Good at tennis. He loves baseball- baseball is kind of a weird obsession here, the Yankees have a Taiwanese pitcher so everyone loves the Yankees of all teams- and when I first started teaching he's like "Teacher, do you like the Yankees? Do you like Barry Bonds?" So cute, but such advanced English. When we were practicing for the performance day he was like, "Teacher, did you watch the all-star game? So-and-so hit an in-the-ballpark home run!" Where does he learn this stuff? He was always the leader of the class- like whenever no one else knew the answers, he did. But he was so serious about the performance day- like we'd all be joking around for a while and it was going fine but then he'd say, "Teacher, can we practice without the script on Friday?" Okay, Ian. Last level the big billy goat, Bowen joined the class. At first there was this rivalry between them because Bowen's pretty smart too- I would ask a hard question and they would both raise their hand and Ian was like, hey, what's going on here? But they became friends pretty soon. I think it kind of made Ian step up his game. Bowen as you can see gets a little over-excited. Ian was better at pretending to beat me up but he just wasn't big enough to be the big billy goat.

*Note I am having trouble getting the darn video to upload- hopefully soon!

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