Sunday, August 05, 2007

Foot massage

I've been kind of worn out lately- last weekend we had our English District Convention and it was in a school that has moldy draperies so I think it made my allergies act up. Then my stomach started acting up lately- nothing big but just the usual. I was just tired and achy all week.

Today I came straight home after meeting and napped, then got some sushi- I have the theory that I never get those good fats that are in things like salmon and avocado, so if I'm worn out i should eat some sushi and get the good fats. Also I get to eat lots of ginger so that should help my stomach, right? I think the nap helped more than the sushi though.

Then I went to this foot-massage place that is right up the street from my house but I've never been to before. Foot massage is real popular here- supposedly there are nerves all through your feet that correspond to the different parts of your body. It is a husband-and-wife operation. First I soaked my feet and they gave a neck and upper-back massage, then the feet. Sometimes it really hurt. He kept saying "eyes" in Chinese, and apparently every organ and joint south of my lungs and north of my shins is in vague disrepair. So it goes. It was cool though.

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Anonymous said...

hi christina we love reading all your stories.... you should print them all and make a book to have published... they are such interesting stories and the way you write them its fun to read let me know if you get this aunt debbie