Friday, July 20, 2007

Chinese Class

Well, I signed up for private lessons twice a week at the "Taipei Language Institute." It's pretty expensive but at least I'm learning Chinese now. So far it's just been, the teacher rolls in, we go through the exercises together, and she rolls out, but she said she will come early next week and develop more of a game plan. I feel like she should correct my homework out of class for the price I'm paying. We'll see.

I'm learning noun clauses (like, the person who loves singing) now. Having a little trouble wrapping my head around it but I think i've mostly got it. One thing that's hard is that my vocabulary is limited enough that it's tough to make meaningful sentences as examples. Like the book gives you 10 examples and then you have to think of a new one... hmmm. But it's exciting to know something I never knew before.

I know about half of the vocabulary in the book so my vocabulary isn't progressing that quickly but it's OK. Picking up new words here and there.

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