Saturday, May 12, 2007

Looking curt

Here's a picture of me looking crazy- that's a Hess polo over a cute navy & white skirt, pulled together with some black Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Yeah- I had a pair black pants on in the morning. So I taught my first class, OK, and I'm riding my bike to my second class and I see this cute dress that surely will not fit me, but maybe I can wear it as a skirt. And it is only like $5 US. So I stop to buy it.

Then on my way to work I start to really not feel good- maybe it was the bubble-tea and pineapple combo that constituted my mid-morning snack- and when I get to work I throw up. In the wretched squat toilets which is always horrible. And in the process I totally split the seam of my pants open. So I think, I will have to go buy new pants, but then I remember my new skirt, so whatever.
The best part is that I got many compliments on my skirt- matching is just not a priority here. Then one of my younger students, whom I wasn't even teaching today, gave me this picture! She is at a low enough level that I know she meant to write "You are so cute"- but, in case you can't read it, she wrote "You are so curt." C'mon, I'm a little curt, but I don't think I'm so curt! The mistakes kids make are so funny sometimes- "I have a petty mom," instead of pretty, things like that.

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