Saturday, May 05, 2007

DIY BBQ etc (or, Green Island Day 1)

The first day on Green Island was a little rough- the ferry ride from the "mainland" of Taiwan was 50 minutes, 40 minutes of which were spent listening to other people throwing up. We had taken motion sickness pills so we just turned a little green... but literally hundreds of people throwing up. I turned up my MP3 player. I don't know how Garrett & Mandie made it.
After a quick nap, Garrett wound up getting violently sick and it lasted all day. So Mandie and I went out on scooters & explored the island. It was really amazing- oceans, cliffs, beaches, mountains, farms... all on a tiny island. Huge rock formations. When we were in the more remote part of the island, we saw some water buffalo. Remember the Awake! cover about symbiotic relationships, and there was the white bird sitting on its head, picking off bugs or something? There was totally a white bird sitting on the water buffalo's head, exactly like the picture! I should have taken a picture but I didn't.
We also went to a saltwater hot spring- one of only three in the world. Right next to the ocean (duh, I guess). Apparently the hot spring bubbles up and mixes with ocean water. There were 3 pools. It was pretty cool- that first day we were the only people there.
Garrett was still sick so we went out to dinner by ourselves- by our hotel there was a big pavilion place playing techno music with lots of happy people in it, so we decided to go there. The only English the lady spoke was "DIY BBQ!" DIY (do-it-yourself) is everywhere here- like there are DIY stores. There were all these kind of picnic tables with a little pit where they put in barbeque briquettes and a grill over it. We didn't understand what we were doing very much, but a combo of Chinese and gestures helped us- you got butter and sauces out of big plastic bins in one area (that part was easy), then went to a little room with a bunch of refrigerators and picked out your meat and vegetables. There was lots of weird Chinese stuff (hot dogs and blood, eck) but also stuff we decided was beef and chicken, and onions and green peppers and corn on the cob. It was pretty good once we figured it out. Everyone was very boisterous- most tables had 6-10 people. Naturally there were many small and medium-sized fires that started up. Not at our table, though!


Lucy said...

I want to go there, eat the BBQ, bath in the hot spring, swim in the ocean, explore the island and all!!!!!!!

Did you do all that? How great and fun!!!

Taiwan-Teacher said...

Welcome to come visit! ;)