Sunday, March 15, 2009

I went back to the hospital on Saturday night to get my dressing changed. The lady who hit me met me and Jasmine. It was a little bit weird- like I only have enough medicine to get me through until Sunday, and one of those medicines is an antibiotic, which I'd like to take regularly, but they said they can't prescribe the same medicines two days in a row and I'll get more on Monday. I'm not super-optimistic about getting a full course of antibiotics. I think we can blame pretty much all super-bugs on Taiwan.

I had some questions I wanted answered (why do I have this white gauze wrapped around my arm? what is the shot you're giving me? etc) but it was hard to get a work in edgewise. The nurse warned me about getting frostbite from ice packs and said it was good I still have the gauze on my arm, so I won't get frostbite. The doctor told me to avoid spicy foods and alcohol. Finally I found out that the gauze both compressed my arm to reduce swelling and held the iodine-soaked banages on, and no one could describe the shot in English.

The highlight of my night was finding out how much the treatment has cost the lady who hit me. With no health insurance, 2 visits to the emergency room with x-rays and medicine has added up to just under $2000 NT. That's almost $70 US. Seriously.

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