Monday, December 01, 2008

I have mentioned before how crazy it drives me to go into a small, locally-owned shop, because a salesperson will just hover like 2 steps behind you the entire time you're there, even if you tell them, it's OK, I'm just looking, I'll tell you when I need help, but they just hover until you heave an exasperated sigh and leave.

Also, if you pay for something at a slightly nice store or restaurant, the clerk will stand there and watch you while you put the money in your wallet and put the receipt away and put your wallet away, then like step in front of you to go open the door for you. All in politeness.

The same thing happens when I go to someone's house. I guess back home we usually see someone to the door and then they're on their own, but here they walk to the door with me, watch as I put on my shoes and coat, then go outside and watch me put on my helmet and start my scooter, then tell me to go slowly and wave as I drive away. It's especially maddening because now it usually takes a few tries to start my scooter and I know it will start but they just stand there with an expectant smile on their faces. And then I'm afraid I'll tip over or something while they're staring at me.


Su Chua Phin 徐蔡斌 said...

It's a culture shock, isn't it?

Hi, I accidentally came across your blog, read a bit of your stories ... it amuses me to read that what appears to be a casual politeness can turn out to be so annoying ...

Looking forward to read more of your stories written in Chinese one day... take that as a challenge!

Good work ! I'm happy that I stoped by.

Su Chua Phin 徐蔡斌 said...

sorry I respell my last paragraph :

"Good work! I'm happy that I stopped by."

... have to be extra careful when writing to an English teacher in English, by next minute he or she will start correcting your grammar, pointing out your spelling mistakes ... etc.

Ha ha ha ... no offence, really like your stories.