Saturday, June 07, 2008

I had my first swimming lesson on Friday- it killed me to wake up but the rest of the day I was fine. The teacher speaks no English and let's just say, no one was complimenting my Chinese. (But seriously- who knows how to say breast-stroke and quadricep in Chinese?) We just did breathing and some pre-stroke work. I tried explain my 750-meters-straight by July 4 thing to him but it didn't seem to register. Anyways, what I did was helpful and I feel like I'm swimming better (I did some laps afterwards).

I just had an epiphany, too- if someone swam all the time and then said, why can't I run for 45 minutes straight?, I'd be like, duh, they're different! You have to build up. So why am I so shocked that I couldn't swim well right off the bat? Yeah...

I know, reading about my sad training is very boring. Sorry. I keep trying to think of other things to write about but then I never do.

The other thing is that now the time limit for the bike ride is somehow 60 minutes which is totally impossible unless I ride a road bike. Which is impossible. So I really have to find out what happens if I don't hit the time limit.

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