Thursday, April 03, 2008

The weather is strange. I'm still not used to living this close to the equator- when it's cloudy it's really cold, but as soon as the sun hits you, it's really hot. Today has started to warm up again. I still usually wear long sleeves and carry a jacket with me in case it's too cool. Becoming Taiwanese, as they say. The other day, out in service, I saw another foreigner walking down the street. I said hi but he ignored me (as many foreigners are wont to do- heck, as I do a lot of the time) and I told the sister I was with, "He just came to Taiwan." She said, how do you know, and I said, look, we're wearing so many clothes, and he's wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

We got 3 new teachers at work. One of the old ones quit and one transferred to another branch. They are all boys and I have inexplicably taken to calling them "dude" individually or "dudes" collectively. Why? When is the last time I used the word "dude"?

But did you notice that I'm writing less like someone who's re-learning English after a stroke? I think it's because I've started reading real English books again, now that I've discovered all the books in the library.

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