Thursday, April 17, 2008

This picture is from the performance day for my favorite class. It's weird; this class and the one that did the "Proud of You" performance day are only 1/2 level apart and have the same teachers (me & Jasmine) but they're so different- this class is a little younger (all 4th and 5th graders) and just so enthusiastic about everything- like we asked if they wanted to bring in props for their skits and every day the kids brought in bags and bags of props.

These kids are doing the "Country Mouse/ City Mouse" skit. The girl in the mouse ears, Linda, is so funny- always giggling and thinking of funny things to say. She wrote a story called "Painful Thursday", about how she had a Taiwanese poem competition at school, then went straight to piano lessons and then straight to Hess for performance day. I feel extra-sorry for her because she's so little and cute and she has to learn, like, present perfect continuous tense and how to spell Confuscious. Even I can't spell it. I have to remind myself that she's just as old as the other bigger kids but oh well.

The boy, Jimmy, is a trip. He joined from another class and at the time there were only 2 other (kind of weird) boys in the class. All the girls got little crushes on him. He would do something bad and all the girls would be like, "Oh, Jimmy!"

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