Friday, October 26, 2007

Hmmm.... I know it's more fun to read about my skin disorders than see vacation photos. So here you go. I got a boil. I'll spare you a picture, but man is it gross. Last week I got a little pimple-looking thing above my elbow, and then my bag hit it and it broke, and then it grew and grew. It was as big as a quarter and all red and raised. Finally I broke down and went to the doctor. He was like, "It's accute follicilitis. I will give you some medicine. Come back in 3 days." I got 5 pills. 2 antibiotics. I mean, it's a gross boil, but is it that bad?

3 days later it went down and didn't hurt so much and I went back and he said there would be no need to operate on it (!), just keep taking the medicine. His English was very good so I asked if I really needed 5 pills and what they were for, and he was like, "Well, 2 are antibiotics, 1 is a painkiller, and 2 are antacids." Hmm. SO I just took the antibiotics.

It's a lot better but still not great; I will go again on Monday. It's pretty funny-out in service, every householder was like, "Wow, look at that! I had one of those last month!" or something. I don't know why they're so common in Taiwan. Usually people get them on places that are covered by clothing so everyone is fascinated by mine.

But I just realized I have been in Taiwan too long when I write, "My boil is looking better every day!"

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