Saturday, July 07, 2007

Life is going along fine. It's still hot but everyone is dealing OK- it is around 93 everyday but the heat index is usually over 100. When I get grumpy I just have to remind myself that I am mad at the heat, not whoever is in front of me at the moment. You definitely have to be careful though- lots of people get heat stroke. I have started to wear a hat most places.

I am doing lots of things I didn't think I'd do. Like they make these kind of fabric tubes that you can put on your arms when you are driving a scooter- when I first saw them I thought they were so stupid. But I'm totally wearing them now. Like they are elastic on the top and the bottom and you can put them on so your arms don't get burned when you're scooting.

Also, umbrellas- when I first came it would be sunny out and people would be like "Didn't you bring an umbrella?" Turns out they use them as parasols to block the sun. I thought that was stupid too but now I always carry around my umbrella- you really need to keep the sun off of you.

I said that in the US, going outside in the winter is so much work- hat, scarf, gloves, boots, coat- but in the summer it's so easy. Just put on shoes and go. Here it's the opposite- in the summer I need my frozen bottle of water, hat, umbrella, arm tubes... hen mafan, as they say!

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