Friday, June 22, 2007

Not much time to write now... I had a nice trip to the mountains, then tons of work this week- I'm teaching 4.5 hrs per day at the Kindy, then 4 hours at my regular school. Tiring but pretty fun.

The Kindy class I'm "teaching" is really little kids- I think they must be 2-3 yrs old in Western years. Some look like normal kids but some are still at the rolly-poly toddler stage. It takes them ages to do anything- like take out their bowls for snack time is ten minutes, going to the bathroom is fifteen. (For the whole class to finish!) The kids can barely speak Chinese, much less English. It's weird but fun- basically we say our ABCs, sing one song, I make funny faces and they giggle and trip over each other, and that's the teaching day.

Tomorrow (Sat) is another long day. Taiwan is crazy in this way: Tuesday was the national holiday but most places gave you off Monday as well. But the public schools have a make-up day for the day they missed on Mon- kids have to go to school all day Sat, and most people have to work. So I have Kindy and regular work all day on Sat too! Then back to normal.

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